kachak.manis.comel.jelita (:

08 December 2013


well said, im not having fun with my life. being alone in the room for few hours eeach day is my routine. yes, its me. i've spend MOST OF MY TIME laying on my bed. sitting like a retarded. dancing around. watching movies. i have my own reasons why i did that. a lot of reasons. i do have a big family (which is too complicated) and yet i still love them. walaupun banyak sangat salah aku dekat mata diorang. taktahu lah kenapa. sometimes, i dont mean to be rude. never. tapi kalau dah tak boleh tahan sangat nak buat macam mana. its not my fault pun kan. i rather keep all my problems instead of telling them. i kept smiling when i am with them. but to be honest, im crying inside. like most of them never wanted to have me in their life. whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyy. i just want to know why. i just want to have a happy life. like what my friends got. i hate to see them happy. i hate it soooooooooo much.